Forced Existence

by The Doldrums

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Vocals: Jake Newcomb
Guitar: Dan Wickett
Bass: Jon Benn
Drums: Mike Somers

Recorded winter 06/07 at Dead Air Studios in Amherst, MA with Will Killingsworth

This Is Mine Records #2


released March 1, 2007



all rights reserved


The Doldrums Maine

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Track Name: Hazes
Lost in my mind/ Searching for the answers/ I can't find them / Off track, off course/ And i'm never going back
Track Name: Forces Of Evil
Frightened Self
Morbid Mind
Thin Line of life and death

The Escalation of Isolation
And alienation from civilization
Is destroying me

Forces of evil are pushing down on me
I'm on the brink of insanity

I Scare myself
Because I want out

Of this world, end all this shit
Track Name: Me vs Them
I am your Armageddon
I am your devils son
I want to tear this world apart
as it's done to me
And Destroy all around
Until there is nothing left
But shards of burned down bridges
They won't save me in the end

Surrounded by the spineless
weak minded
So incapable
So shameful
Can't even stand their fucking selves
Disgraceful Maggots
Wipe them clean from my world
Track Name: Knot In My Back
I'll take whats mine and take yours too
I'll do what I want when I want to
I'll stomp on your dreams and piss on your pride
Knocking you all down to your size

I couldn't care less about any of you
Don't try and tell me what to do
Don't try and tell me how to feel
We all know which one is real

Scrap of my past just let me be
Scrap of my past don't talk to me
I don't care about talking or keeping in touch
Chances are I never liked you much

Burn In Hell
Track Name: Doomed
Smoke is Rising
Flames are burning
Souls are dying
Gears are turning
Repeat the cycle
Keep on burning
We keep rotting
Graves Keep Turning
Track Name: Rat Race
From the birth of first man
To the last's dying hour
The diseased and sick will be bathing in power
A rat race of domination and total control
Annihilation of ones given soul

The Truth you seek
Are the evil sides of humanity